Introduction to Database Design, Fall 2011

Taught by Rasmus Pagh.

This page contains the publicly available materials for the course.

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See also the official course description.

Many exercises will be taken from the collection of exam problems, some of which have published solutions.

30/8Introduction, Relational data model (slides)KBL 1, 2, 3pdf
6/9E-R modeling (slides)KBL 4 (not UML, i.e. not 4.6 and 4.7.2)pdf
13/9Normalization (slides)KBL 6.1-6.8 (except 203-207m), 6.9 (until “MVD”), 6.11, 6.12pdf
20/9Modeling case study (case description) hand-in
27/9SQL and relational algebra (slides,sql)KBL 5pdf
4/10SQL continued; Indexes (slides,sql)KBL 9.1-9.4, 9.5 until p. 354 (incl), 9.6.1 pdf
11/10Query processing (slides); Performance case study (sql)KBL 10, 12.2hand-in
18/10Autumn break 
25/10SQL in applications, NoSQL (slides, code)KBL 8.1-8.5, BigTable paper sec. 1-3, MapReduce paper sec. 1-2pdf, JDBC .jar, .java
1/11Transactions (slides, sql)KBL 13.1, (13.2-13.3)pdf
8/11Guest lecture: Claus Samuelsen, IBM (slides)Work on hand-in
15/11XML introduction, XPath (slides, examples)KBL 17.1-17.2.3, 17.4pdf, files
22/11XQuery; XML Schema (slides, examples)KBL 17.2 (rest), 17.3, XML supplement 15.4.3pdf, files
29/11XSLT (slides); Trial exam evaluation (stats)XML supplement 15.4.2work on hand-in
6/12No lecture