CAOS Seminar Series, Spring 2005

This page contains information on the CAOS Seminar Series (Copenhagen Algorithms and Optimization Seminars), a joint venture between IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) and Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen (DIKU).

Seminars take place on Thursdays, 13.30-15.00, at either DIKU or ITU, and are open to all. Students can get credit for following the seminars and solving problems related to the talks. Contact Martin Zachariasen (DIKU) or Rasmus Pagh (ITU) if you are interested in getting credit.

Info on credit, etc., for DIKU students


Date Topics Place Problems
Feb. 3 Benny K. Nielsen: Reconstructing phylogenetic trees using sequence graphs (slides [216 pages], related paper)
Rasmus Pagh: Dynamic Range Reporting in One Dimension on a RAM (slides)
DIKU, room N034 Range reporting
Feb. 10 Stephen Alstrup: Algorithm based startups with focus on Octoshape
Martin Zachariasen: Construction of minimum weight spanners (slides, article)
ITU, room 2A 14 spanners
Feb. 24 Sathiamoorthy Subbarayan: Integrating CSP Decomposition Techniques and BDDs for Compiling Configuration Problems (paper)
Stefan Roepke: The pickup and delivery problem: models and optimization algorithms (original article, slides)
ITU, room 2A 14 DARP/hints
Mar. 10 Erling Andersen, MOSEK: Konisk optimering
Philip Bille: The Tree Inclusion Problem: In Optimal Space and Faster (slides, paper)
DIKU, room N034  
Mar. 31 Jens Egeblad: Container Loading of Italian Furniture
Inge Li Goertz: Asymmetry in k-Center Variants (paper)
DIKU, room N034  
Apr. 14 Rolf Fagerberg: On the Adaptiveness of Quicksort (slides, paper)
Jakob Krarup: A family of structured set covering problems
ITU, room 2A 14