Advanced database technology, Spring 2006

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Exam questions and exam questions with example solutions. The grades have been handed in to the study administration. The passing percentage was 83, and the average passing grade was 8.5.

Exam reading list.

In the lecture on March 13 there was some confusion about the last question on the exercise sheet. Here is a (hopefully) clear explanation: Transaction 1 first reads each data element of "Seats". Assuming that the transaction that last wrote to Seats committed long ago, this is fine. (The fact that Transaction 2 also read "Seats" does not matter.) Also, Transaction 1 may write to the data elements of "Seats" without problem (the read timestamp is smaller). However, when Transaction 2 next tries to read or write the data element(s) of "Seats" that were updated (assuming that an update did occur), in statement 4 or 6, it is rolled back beacuse it read something that was written by a "future" transaction.

To provide access to on-line literature from outside ITU, we have put copies in a password protected directory Intranet. The user name and password will be sent by e-mail to the participants.

You may get an impression of what is required of you in the course by looking at previous exams. Here are the exams of June 2003, June 2004, and June 2005.


Lectures and exercises on Mondays. Lectures and exercises will be mixed throughout the time allocated for the course.

The schedule is preliminary. It will be updated during the course. Slide sets marked "2005" are those from the latest edition of the course, and are subject to change.

Date Time Subject Literature Exercises / hand-ins Place
Jan. 30 9.00-12.00 RP: Introduction. Recap of database background (slides). Overview of lectures (slides). (Based on selected sections of the first part of GUW - not curriculum.) hand-out 3A 14
Feb. 6 10.00-15.00 RP: Data storage devices, I/O model (slides). GUW 11.1-11.5; [Sanders03, 1.3-1.5], [MaheshwariZeh03, 3.1-3.2]. hand-out 3A 14
Feb. 13 10.00-15.00 SR: Representing data elements (slides). GUW 12, 13.0-2, [Pagh03, sec. 1 ], [CLRS01, p. 405-9] (alternatively [CLR90, p. 356-60]). hand-out 3A 14
Feb. 20 10.00-15.00 SR: Index structures. (slides, slides for paper). GUW 13.3-13.4, [Pagh03, sec. 2.3.0, 2.3.1, 2.3.2, 2.4], [BrodalFagerberg03, sec. 1 and 3.4] hand-out 3A 14
Feb. 27 10.00-15.00 SR: Implementation of relational operations I. (slides). GUW 15.0-15.8 hand-out 3A 14
March 6 10.00-15.00 RP: Implementation of relational operations II (slides, more slides) GUW 16.2-7, [AGMS99 sec. 1, 2, 4, 5, except proofs] hand-out 3A 14
March 13 10.00-15.00 RP: Concurrency control (slides). GUW 18.0-8, 19.3, [RG 16.6.3] hand-out 3A 14
March 20 10.00-15.00 SR: Geometric index structures (slides). GUW 14.0-14.1, (14.2-14.3 recommended reading), [Arge01, sec. 1, 2.1 (persistent B-trees), 3-4 (static versions only), 4.1, 9] hand-out 3A 14
March 27 10.00-15.00 SR: Text indexing (slides) [KarkkainenRao03, sec. 7.1-7.4] 3A 14
April 3 10.00-15.00 RP: Data mining (slides 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). GUW 20.6, [AgrawalSrikant94, all except 3.3], [Ullman00], [MehtaAgrawalRissanen96], and [BrinPage98, sec. 1, 2, 4.2] hand-out 3A 14
April 10 10.00-15.00 SR: Dealing with system failures (slides). Media failures (slides). GUW 17.0, 17.1, 17.2.4+5, 17.4, 11.6, 11.7.0-3. 3A 14
April 17   Easter      
April 24 10.00-14.00; RP: ITU research in databases (slides). Course summary (slides). Presentation of previous exam problems. Background literature (not curriculum): [PP06 sec. 1-3], [PPR05 sec. 1-2], [FPP06 sec. 1-2], [PPT04 sec. 1-3]   3A 14
June 8 10.00-12.00 Q&A session - room 4A60     tba.
June 12 9.00-13.00 Exam. Room 2A 12.     tba.



Database Systems: The Complete Book by Hector Garcia-Molina, Jeff Ullman, and Jennifer Widom, 2002. Copies for the course are on sale in the ITU book shop. If you choose to buy it elsewhere, note that the "international edition" is less expensive.

Unless stated otherwise, the example material in the book is not part of the curriculum (however, it could help you understand the main text). In addition to the book there will be handouts, specified for each lecture in the schedule above.

Supplementary literature: Database Tuning. Principles, Experiments, and Troubleshooting Techniques, by Dennis Shasha and Philippe Bonnet. This book is a more pragmatic introduction to database performance. We will be using excerpts from the book as starting points of discussions, but it is not strictly necessary to buy the book.

Manning of course

Rasmus Pagh
Course responsible
Office: 3C 07
S. Srinivasa Rao
Office: 3C 04